BambooDome Europe2004

BambooDome Europe2004

The BambooDome was erected as a landmark for the international scout camp ‚4u’ in Luxemburg. The dome structure symbolizes the globe and was located in the center of the Global-Development-Village.


The novel structure is a result of the diploma thesis of Dipl.-Ing. Christoph Tönges. Bamboo poles up to 8 meters long reach a height of 11 meters, span a diameter of 13 meters and form a base of 130 square meters. By applying the CONBAM Joining Technique it is possible to erect bamboo domes in such extreme dimensions.


The construction of the bamboo dome is a combination of two geometric structures: an icosahedron and a pentagonal dodecahedron. The number of poles is minimized, and the result is economical and aesthetic at the same time.


The Project was executed under the supervision of Dr.-Ing. Evelin Rottke and Dipl.-Ing. Christoph Tönges in cooperation with students of the bamboo course. It benefited greatly from the close cooperation of the scouts of Luxemburg.

Visualisation of 'Plop!' with roofing [more]

Planing Team

RWTH Aachen, Dr.-Ing. Evelin Rottke [more]

CONBAM, Dipl.-Ing. Christoph Tönges [more] 

Scouts Luxemburg, Georges Schutz [more]


Static Calculation

Dipl.-Ing. Felix Weber