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The fine, polished surface of a bamboo rod is a remarkable, almost unnatural quality.No man-made product is that hard and delicateat the same time.


William Portefield



Bamboo - an ecological deceision

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the earth and therefore a fast renewable resource. This user-friendly grass is employed for a multitude of things. The reason: no other natural resource possesses more elasticity, hardness and strength.


Bamboo produces four times more wood than oak. Whenever bamboo is in use, it makes a valuable contribution to the environment, since the much slower growing hardwood forest is left untouched.


Bamboo consumes only little energy while producing material with enormous mechanical properties, a good reason to replace energy wasting steel constructions.


Bamboo produces substantially more oxygen and captures relatively more atmospheric CO2 than trees. It therefore plays a vital role in a healthy ecosystem. It also prevents soil erosion due to the extensive clumping of its root system.


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