Wo gibt es Bambus-Verbinder?

Die BAMBOOTIX Bambus-Verbinder können Sie beim Bambushandel CONBAM im Webshop unter Zubehör sowie viele weitere Bambusprodukte einkaufen:


Bamboo Materials

The fast growing giant grass bamboo is being used for the production of miscellaneous products like boards and beams. High-quality bamboo parquet is an established product, favored due to its attractive grain and abrasion resistance. Diverse laminated boards and veneers are available for furniture construction.


Products made of glued sliver plybamboo are relatively new in the market. Due to compression under high pressure lamination with heat input, the mechanical properties and the durability increase. High value terrace planks and furniture for outdoor use can be constructed from this material.


In addition, bamboo materials are being developed and used as load bearing elements. Shigeru Ban built the Bamboo Furniture House with walls made of load bearing bamboo furniture.

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