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CONBAM Bamboo Domes

The structure of a CONBAM Bamboo Dome takes advantage of long bamboo poles to reduce the number of elements. Like bamboo itself, the structure is light and characterized by enormous stability.


The principle of this structure is suitable for various dimensions and applications, like pavilions, shelters and theatres. CONBAM Bamboo Domes are very economical due to the fact that they are applying cheap bamboo, a minimum of structural elements and a thin membrane while giving a maximum of space.


This structure consists of two layers. The first layer, a geodesic dome, is covered by a second layer in the form of a hexagonal and pentagonal mesh. The CONBAM Joining Technique is used to connect the bamboo poles at their ends. The bamboo poles cross each other at their midpoint, where they are connected with a rope joint.


This complex structure makes it possible to use very long bamboo poles for the first layer, the geodesic structure. In spite of their slenderness ratio there is no risk of breaking, because they are held in position by the short poles of the second layer. The result is a structure that combines traditional and modern joining techniques offering the possibility of building economical bamboo domes.

Construction Method

The construction method for the erection of CONBAM Bamboo Domes was developed by Christoph Tönges regarding the following targets:

• Application of the CONBAM Joining Technique,

• Uitlization of naturally long grown bamboo poles,

• Creation of a specific bamboo architecture and

• Fabrication of economic domes.

BambooDome Europe2004

The first CONBAM Bamboo Dome was realized in Luxemburg. The BambooDome was erected as the symbol of the international scout camp '4u'.

BambooDome Europe2004 [mehr]



The 'Plop!' is a mobile pavillion and a result of the diploma thesis of Christoph Tönges. It got its name due to the expressive form resulting by the covering with a membrane.