Feng Shui House Germany

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Beitrag aus der hessenschau, 18. August 2005

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Feng Shui House Germany

An extraordinary office building was created in 2005 in Darmstadt Germany by two feng shui architects. Susanne Körner and Tillman Schäberle designed a house with a roof construction on 33 supporting bamboo columns.


Due to the special form of the building the flow of energy needed to be supported in a positive way. The walls were made of compressed straw covered with earth plaster. The wooden roof construction was thermal insulated with hemp and finally covered with a living roof.


This structure is the first German house with a load bearing bamboo construction. Such structures have been made possible by the development of our CONBAM Joining Technique.


CONBAM received authorization from the Ministry for Economy and Technique Wiesbaden, did the static calculation for the building, and produced and assembled the 33 bamboo columns.

Parties involved


ARSD GmbH Bodo Schaumburg, Darmstadt [more]



Henry Nold, Darmstadt



Shakti Haus [more]


Bamboo Columns

CONBAM Verbindungs-Technik [more]


Structural Design, Static Calculation

CONBAM, Dipl.-Ing. Christoph Tönges [more]

and Dipl.-Ing. Felix Weber [more]


Structural Safety Engineer

Dipl.-Ing. Josef Lindemann [more]