Unilever Pool Bridge Spain

Unilever Pool Bridge

In summer 2004 the dream of Unilever ice cream TV advertisement became reality. For four months a hotel in south Spain were transformed into a "Fun Paradise" with the image of Unilever ice cream. As a part of the conception the pool bridge were carried out in spring 2004, for which CONBAM supplied the structural design and the static calculation of the quite self-willed and dynamic construction.


The construction was built with tools of the company Wallner. Christoph Tönges did the construction management in Spain. The bridge consists of two spatial trusses of different lengths with up to 14m span, which carry a 30m² large, trapezoidal platform. After completion the platform was accessible by wide stairs at one side of the object, whereas the other side was finished with a comfortable net with big cushions. The object was covered by a light awning.


Completely in the "Unilever ice cream style" decorated, the pool bridge invited the guests to relax. This inspired not only the vacation guests, but also the supervisors and even the television stations. Because for MTV and other stations the pool bridge came in the context of its sommer specials on the screen.


    Parties involved


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    Structural Design and Static Calculation

    CONBAM, Dipl.-Ing. Christoph Tönges [more]

    and Dipl.-Ing. Felix Weber