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Network Partners

(in alphabetical order)

Harry Buskes

CARPRO Belgium

Production of textile constructions, tents, membranes for trucks and printing. [more]

Ulrich Hall


10 years experience for the production of high-quality gastronomic interieurs and kitchens made of stainless steel and wood.

Markus Heinsdorff

Sculptor, Artist

Design and realization of the bamboo zeppelin "Skyplace" in Ubud, Bali.

Projects in the field of art at construction sites with specialisation in kinetic constructions. More than 12 years experience of organisation and execution of international workshops. Numerous exhibitions and installations. [more]

Prof. em. Dr. (Dr. h.c. mult.) Walter Liese

Center for Timber Economy, Department Timber Biology, University Hamburg Germany.

More than 50 years research, teachings and consulting in the field of bamboo and rattan, timber biology and preservation. About 450 publications. Activities in numerous countries. [more]

Dipl.-Ing. Paul Linssen, Designer AGD

conceptw!se advertising agency

Conception of product marketing. Design for printed medias and internet. High standard execution.


Otto Panholz and Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Panholz

PAN® - Space Frame, Structure Tridim

Worldwide projecting, production and mounting of space frames since 1958. [more]

Univ. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Evelin Rottke

Professor at the Institute for Structural Design, Faculty of Architecture, TU Graz Austria and RWTH Aachen University Germany

Doctoral thesis: ExTraCAD - Computer supported structural design (1998). Leader of the seminar for bamboo constructions at the RWTH Aachen University. Responsible for the realization of the BambooDome, Luxemburg 2004. [more]

Jörg Stamm

Ecobamboo and Bamboo Technologies

Constructer, designer and building contractor in the field of bamboo constructions in Colombia. Realization of bamboo bridges up to 52m span. Production and distribution of laminated bamboo. Worldwide consultant of UNIDO. Execution of numerous bamboo construction workshops. [more]

Dipl.-Ing. Felix Weber

Research assistant (civil engineer) at the Institute for Structural Design, Faculty of Architecture, RWTH Aachen University Germany

Assistant of Prof. Dr.-Ing. W. Führer. Static calculation for several constructions, e.g.: BambooDome, BallRoom, Unilever Pool-Bridge.